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How are you studying math?

More than 90% of the world's learners struggle with math.

In order to bridge the gap in math learning,
you need opportunities to find interest in a learning style that suits you.


What are the meaningful opportunities for learning mathematics?

The same way of learning by others may not work for me. Questions and scoring that require finding an approach that suits me, explanation and understanding of accurate concepts, and selection of problems that are suitable for me must be possible.


The mathematics that Procyan pursues is as follows.

Procyan strives to provide learner-friendly services using AI and innovative technologies
so that learning can be presented tailored to the individual.

· SOLGIT problem creation & recommendation engine for endless practice
· AI math chatbot, a learning tool for discovery through question-answer
· Concept learning and statistics page composed of my learning data


Procyan presents personalized learning using AI and innovative technologies.


AI Math Learning Solutions


We provide personalized math learning.
Experience 'SOLGIT', a self-developed solution using adaptive learning technology.

Translated into 104 languages, you can study in your preferred language.


Virtual Math Tutor


Solmi, a virtual math tutor, provides conversation-based math tutoring services to learners.

The above service will be released soon.




Produced based on GPT-3.5, you can ask questions about math concepts or learn math related to your daily life by receiving math-related answers to everyday questions.



Even in diverse cultures,
To become one through education.

We believe that students around the world should be able to study mathematics without pressure. We will help students solve problems on their own by identifying math concepts that students have missed and creating and providing customized learning problems and courses for them.